Bases Loaded: Getting Salesforce ROI Up by Starting Ahead of the Game

By Mark Ross | Thu, Nov 19, 2015

So you're getting ready to implement Salesforce, or maybe you're in the process of getting it set up. Either way, your thoughts are most likely centered around one idea: making this expensive Salesforce thing work. Salesforce is awesome, and is likely to be one of the best things your company will do for itself in the long run, but one thing that it's not, is cheap. It's a significant investment, so you want to make sure that investment is worthwhile, and try to keep costs down where you can.

But it turns out that this is not necessarily best practice. There's a wide world of Salesforce out there, much larger than you may realize.

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3 Essentials for Great Data Management Processes

By Marc Aubin | Mon, Oct 06, 2014

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes a good manual data management process. A good manual data management process gives your company’s Salesforce users visibility, context, and actionability into your data. Relational databases can be confusing. This is especially true for folks that think that relational data management is the same as dealing with single table views. The following considerations are how to nail it in a relational context.


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