Top 5 Salesforce People for Admins to be Thankful For

By Mark Ross | Wed, Nov 25, 2015

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, and we Yanks are always looking for excuses to celebrate the holiday. We come up with things to be thankful for, and talk about it for days and days. So why not do the same for Salesforce, eh?

After all, we have our own little Salesforce world, and within it, there are movers and shakers, influencers and disruptors; they are the people that define our space and make it a better place. Without any further ado, these are the people that Salesforce admins should be thankful for, not just at Thanksgiving, but all year round. (And in no particular order.)



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More Ways to Maintain Data Quality that Nobody Talks About

By Mark Ross | Thu, Nov 05, 2015

And now for something completely different.

Ok, well, it’s the same completely different as last time, because we have more suggestions for how to help you maintain your data quality!

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The OTHER Ways to Maintain Data Quality That Nobody Talks About

By Mark Ross | Tue, Nov 03, 2015

And now for something completely different.

If you’ve got a data quality problem, chances are you’ve read an article or three about how to improve that quality. However, through the course of that research, you’ve probably found that many of the articles are very much alike.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing; articles can only be so long, and it’s important to capture the most pertinent points first. Data deduplication, validation rules, reports; these are all potent weapons in the ongoing battle for data quality. Unfortunately, this means that other important things often don’t get mentioned, but let us not leave these soldiers behind! They can be just as important, and in some cases, more so.

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The True Costs of Building Custom Salesforce Apps Yourself

By Marc Aubin | Sun, Jan 04, 2015

So you’re thinking about developing your own custom Salesforce app on the platform because Salesforce doesn’t quite get you there with its point-and-click tools. In aprevious post, we pointed out that prior to taking on this task, it’s a good idea to be sure that there isn't an AppExchange app that 1) already does what you need or 2) is better than what you could build yourself.


But what if you think you can custom develop something yourself for less cost? Let's talk about the factors that contribute to how much it really costs to build a Salesforce app, and whether it's better for you to Build instead of Buy. In this post, we’ll cover a few questions you should ask yourself before getting that consultant to put their fingers to code (or doing it yourself).

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