Joined AppBuddy, This MVP Has


“To everything - turn, turn, turn - there is a season - turn, turn, turn - and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Very wise words by ‘60s rock band The Byrds, though I suspect they may have gotten it from somewhere else.Mark-appbuddyAvatar-small

All things must end at some point, but if we are fortunate, a lot of good can come from those endings. My time as an admin has come to a close, but believe me when I say that this is very much a good thing. It is through this change that I now have the opportunity to work with an amazing company, and that company is AppBuddy. They’re responsible for the Salesforce app GridBuddy, and if you’ve ever used that app, you know how amazing they are.

I have joined the AppBuddy team in the role of Product Evangelist; sure, it’s a departure from my previous admin endeavors, but it will allow me to use my experience to more directly benefit AppBuddy and Salesforce in general. I will be responsible for the company’s overall marketing effort, through mechanisms such as social media, blogs, and events, but I will also be able to devote a lot of time to the Salesforce community at large. I’ll be writing Salesforce best-practice blog posts, speaking at more public events like conventions and user groups, spending more time in the Success Community, and overall doing what I can to promote Salesforce.

I’ve always known GridBuddy was a fantastic product, having worked with it many years ago, and it’s only gotten better since then. How could I pass up the opportunity to be a part of what they’re doing? Not only do I get to work with these awesome people, but I get to write about what they’re doing and travel the country telling everyone how awesome Salesforce is.

Hashtag dreamjob!