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Are your reps spending too much time updating their Opportunities?

Posted by Susan Reynolds on May 13, 2016 2:59:24 PM

Have you ever heard your Sales reps complain about having to edit their Opportunities before a pipeline or forecast meeting? That’s because editing large data sets in Salesforce isn’t easy. 

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Make Your Data Pop with Color in GridBuddy

Posted by Mark Ross on Feb 15, 2016 4:20:37 PM

GridBuddy has an easy-to-use UI that makes it simple to see all the data you need to see without complication, but occasionally we get requests for something different. This is part of the greatness of Salesforce: the ability to customize it according to your needs. It is to this end, embracing that philosophy of customization, that GridBuddy has full support for CSS and visual scripting, giving your organization the ability to fully customize your visual experience.

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Charting Your Business' Course With GridBuddy's New Charts

Posted by Mark Ross on Dec 4, 2015 10:21:20 AM

Charts have come to GridBuddy! Launch the confetti and cue the brass band!

In all seriousness, the latest version of GridBuddy adds one of our most-requested features: the ability to embed a chart into any grid. But it's more than just that.

Let's take a quick look at the new functionality, and then cover a couple use cases you might not have thought about.

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Yes, You CAN Actually Start Using Salesforce Forecasts

Posted by Mark Ross on Nov 10, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Salesforce forecasting is not a lost cause, and you CAN successfully set it up afresh in your org.

No, this is not a joke. Wh… why are you laughing?

Look, I know how it goes. I’ve been there. I’m STILL there. I know the questions. “How on earth am I supposed to get the opportunity data consistently? How do I know it’s correct? How do I find the time to set it up? Whose arms do I have to twist to make sure it gets used and my time is not wasted?”

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Give Your Salespeople a Window Into Your Company's Data

Posted by Mark Ross on Oct 30, 2015 1:55:26 PM

GridBuddy had a new release recently, and with it came all sorts of awesome features, like a sleek new UI and the ability to cross-reference grid contents by matching text. But like any good genie, we’ve got more than one wish to grant. PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER… itty bitty amount of clicks required.

In case you missed the last blog post, I’ll restate something important about the newest version of GridBuddy:

GridBuddy lets you see and edit records that are related in real life even if they have no object relationship yet in Salesforce.

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Cross-Reference Any Object in GridBuddy to De-Dupe Leads

Posted by Mark Ross on Oct 27, 2015 8:30:00 AM

GridBuddy recently released its new Object Cross-Referencing feature at Dreamforce 2015, and it’s ready to take your Salesforce org to the next level. Now you can pull any objects together on a single grid, where they can be seen and edited together, just like a spreadsheet. Except spreadsheets can’t do this, because this works even if the objects have no relationship defined in Salesforce.

Did you catch that? I hope you caught that, because it’s super-important.

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Joined AppBuddy, This MVP Has

Posted by Mark Ross on Oct 23, 2015 8:56:05 AM

“To everything - turn, turn, turn - there is a season - turn, turn, turn - and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Very wise words by ‘60s rock band The Byrds, though I suspect they may have gotten it from somewhere else.

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Create Breadcrumb with a Formula Field

Posted by Kelly Lam on May 8, 2015 9:26:00 AM

Have you ever gotten lost in the Account hierarchy? With a formula field, you can create a breadcrumb to keep track of where you are. 

It will look something like this: Acme Parent account > Acme Account > Acme Sub Account 

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Launch a Grid from a Dashboard Component

Posted by Kelly Lam on Mar 15, 2015 9:45:24 PM

You can configure dashboard components to launch GridBuddy grids. This makes it easy to drill into the dashboard data so you can see and act on the details. Setting this up is simple:

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Simple Tabbed View of Grids embedded on an Account Detail Page

Posted by Kelly Lam on Mar 12, 2015 6:34:00 PM

When embedding grids on an Account detail page, we found with many of our customers that one grid isn't enough. Today, we're going to step through the process of embedding a tabbed view of grids on an Account detail page. This is combining solutions from 2 of our previous blog posts: Embedding a Grid on an Account Detail Page and Create a Simple Tabbed View of Grids

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